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Learn Violin with ViolinSchool

People around the world learn to play the violin through our online and offline study programs.

Develop your violin technique, music, performance, and practice skills with our unique online guides and resources.


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Here’s how to get started…

1: Choose A Violin

If you’re already playing the violin, you can skip this step! But if you’re starting to play for the first time, we’ll help you to find a good instrument to play on before you start. Having a good violin that’s well set up will save you months of frustration!

One of our very first eLearning modules will guide you step by step through this process, to make sure that you’ve got the instrument, bow and shoulder rest that’s right for YOU. We’ll lay out the key things you need to look out for when choosing an instrument, and suggest which violin to consider… and which to avoid!

Find Me A Violin!


2: Take an Introductory Lesson or Class

Our renowned Introductory Violin Class was designed as part of research at the Royal Academy of Music, and has helped hundreds of violinists – many of whom had never played before – to get off to a great start with their learning. In just 3 hours, you’ll learn all the key ideas you need to be playing and practicing the violin, and we can even lend you an instrument too.

Already play the violin? Take an Personal Coaching session at our studio in London, UK – or if you’re elsewhere in the world, connect with us via Webcam for your first lesson. By the end of your first session you’ll have a clear plan for your practice, and you’ll know exactly what to do to start working towards your violin-playing goals.

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3: Select A Membership Plan

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Our great-value membership starts at just £11/month (about $18USD) and gives you access to an enormous wealth of resources, including sheet music, technical exercises, exclusive studies, a video library, aural and theory software, comprehensive libraries, and much, much more.

But most importantly, once you become a member of ViolinSchool you’ll have immediate access to our cutting-edge eLearning Programs that will give you a clear, step-by-step guide for your learning. Whether you’re studying with us, with a local tutor in your area, or by yourself at home, our top-quality eLearning (developed from our research of the last 300 years of violin pedagogy!) will guide you through the violin’s many complexities so you can start achieving real results right away.

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4: Choose Tuition Options

We offer a wide range of tuition, both online and offline. Personal Coaching and Group Tuition are available in our Virtual Classroom in the members section of our website. And in our home city of London, we run a popular program of offline classes and events, including our twice-annual Violin Orchestra. We also maintain a studio in Central London, UK (near Victoria Station) where Lessons and Coaching are available every day of the week.

Our highly experienced professors provide Personal Coaching for every age and experience level; from beginners, young children and advanced amateur players to graduate professionals and teacher training.

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5: Start Learning!

Once you’re set up and ready to go, you can dive straight into our online self-study programs and begin learning at your own pace, in the way that suits you best.

Our experienced Professors and Learning Advisors are here to help you whenever you need guidance or advice. We’ll support you by phone, email, video… or come and visit us in person!

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Here’s what one group of learners did after just 3 hours back in 2014!

The lady in pink (back right) and the man in black (back left) are ViolinSchool Tutors… everyone else only started the violin that same morning!

New to the Violin?

Take our renowned Introductory Class and get started in just 3 hours! Click here to find out more!

We can provide a violin, and you don’t need to read music.


Already play the violin?

Find out how ViolinSchool can help you learn…

For Parents & Children

Young Violinists Children Cocnert

Get the guidance you need to make sure your child has the best possible start.

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For 13 – 18 Years


Develop your technical and music skills, and widen your playing experience.

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For Adult Learners

Adult Violinists

It’s never too late to learn with our renowned adult program. Start today!

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For Pros & Teachers


Coaching & resources to help you perform and teach, and to help your students learn.

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