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ViolinSchool – Learn Violin in 2016!


Learn Violin with ViolinSchool

Thanks to our successful crowdfunding campaign in December 2015, ViolinSchool’s all-new Digital Learning Platform is now in development! We’ll be re-launching ViolinSchool in early Spring 2016.

The new learning platform will offer comprehensive tools, resources and community interaction for people of any age and experience level, who want to play the violin.

You’ll have access to fun, inspiring, results-based learning, that will help you realise your aspirations on the violin, in the way that fits your lifestyle.


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Would you like early access to our ground-breaking new violin learning programs?

ViolinSchool is now running an invitation-only beta program, which gives access to our long-awaited online training modules for the violin. It’s all part of a giant eLearning Trial that we’re running in connection with the Royal Academy of Music in London.

We are now accepting students from around the world to be part of our eLearning Trial, in advance of our public launch later in the year.

What’s included

You’ll get full access to our new training modules as they become available (usually at least one new module is released each week), and unlimited support from our Professorial and Learning Advisory teams. We’ll reach out to you in whichever way is best for you – phone, email, webcam, in person – to make sure that:

  • You have clear violin-playing goals, and you know how you’re going to achieve them
  • You have a practice plan, and you know exactly how to spend your practice time for maximum effect
  • You know which music you would like to play, and what you need to be able to do technically in order to play it

Your commitment

You will need a minimum of 1 hour of practice time per week (but the more the better!) in order to take part in the trial, but there is no cost to you other than a standard £11/month ViolinSchool subscription. When we eventually launch these training programs publicly (probably at around £30/$45 per month), you will retain full access at just £11/month as a thank you for your participation in the initial trial!

If you can’t wait to get started, and would like to request early access to our online training modules as part of our eLearning Trial, then please request an invitation using the form below.

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